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The diet of wild tortoises is always determined by the vegetation in their natural habitat. In their original environment the actual vegetation period is usually limited to a short time followed by dryness and heat from midsummer to fall. The crude fibre content of the plants is reatively low and the protein content quite high during springtime. During summer herbs and grasses will "age". The crude fibre content therefore increases in midsummer while the protein content strongly decreases.
To meed the requirements of the organism the diet of pet tortoises should also be adjusted to the respective season.

The protein content of PRE ALPIN Testudo is extremely low. It contains selected grasses with a very low protein content and, at the same time, a very high crude fibre content. The reduced protein supply unburdens particularly liver and kidneys and promotes the detoxification of the body.
When fresh plant food is fed PRE ALPIN Testudo is an ideal supplement.

PRE ALPIN Testudo is particularly recommendable during the transitional time and especially before the beginning of the winter torpor.

PRE ALPIN Testudo for all (land living) tortoises...
has an extremely low protein content and an extemely high crude fibre content
promotes the detoxification of the body
offers a diet adjusted to the natural habitat of Tortoises
ensures an optimum crude fibre supply and thus a healthy intestinal flora
contains no cereals or animal products
offers an ideal calcium/phosphorus ratio
may be freely offered at any time
is free of flavouring and conservation substances
is recommended by the Institute of Zoology in Munich


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